How to Start a Conversation with a Girl? (Like a Pro)

Learn the simple tricks of How to start a conversation with a Girl? Like a professional.

This article totally focus on simple hacks that works 100% on How to start a conversation with a girl? Who doesn’t love to interact with girls? we socially show ourselves such that all of the followers should get attracted and start a conversation with us by their own, which include their first approach.

Start a Conversation with Girl

Start a Conversation with Girl

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But when it comes to real life then you just need Confidence and follow simple tricks for sticking a conversation. No you need not to be disappointed as slowly and skillfully you will master the trick by following these simple steps of How to start a conversation with a girl?

Firstly you need to be confident, as being confident delivers you such power to tackle all the situation peacefully and calmly. Which will lead to an impressive impression for the present, turns out to be beneficial for future.

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl?

  1. Ability to start a conversation:

Looks are never given such importance to start a conversation with a girl. All you have to do is pick the right choice with whom you want to start a conversation and be confident and enough mature to impress her.

As she need such importance because she has swooned you with her charm and now you are thinking about her.

  1. Don’t hesitate

Hesitating can turn out to be one of the worst enemy during starting a conversation, any hesitation can show, that you are intimidated by the girl.

This will kill the opportunity, and will make you wait, the longer you wait and procrastinate on the way that, how should I start the conversation with the girl, the more difficult it get.

Such delay makes your fear get stronger and your confidence more weak which is never good to start a conversation.

  1. Get through the initial Awkwardness

The universal to solve this initial unwanted awkwardness is to follow 10 second rule. If you get through these 10 seconds then there is no power in this world to stop you by impressive the girl.

Whenever you are talking to a stranger and awkwardness comes in between all you have to do is just keep the conversation on in this crucial 10 seconds. As these 10 seconds can prove to be imperative for the rest of the conversation.

Usually this occurs during the start of a conversation, when thought process works on:

How should I start?

Is this this topic fine?

What should be the second topic?

 Should I ask her out?

Once you get through this awkwardness, rest of the conversation goes with the flow and allows you to connect better with the other person.

  1. Bridge the Conversation

Bridging the conversation is the most important part of the entire conversation. If you don not bridge the conversation it will get end at a certain point, which is not at all affordable during the initial period of conversation.

Here are the list of few things, you can choose to bridge a conversation in a better way:

  • Ask open minded questions:

Make your conversation such that she can answer them simply without thinking much, would be better if she is answering in yes or no. This way she gets to know that you are ready to listen to her, which is a win-win situation.

  • Make some guesses:

Some short and cute guesses are affordable, as this will impress her in a better way and the conversation can get more interesting. This way lead to a better understating of you both.

Keep in mind not to talk much about sensitive topic and avoid harsh comments, as you don’t know her much. This may destroy the whole conversation and she may end it as soon as possible.

  1. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

This is one of the most important thing to remember. As most guys start assuming unnecessary things about their abilities and looks.

  • OMG she is too beautiful for me…
  • I must be too fat for her…
  • She is too tall for me…

Most of the guys thinks too much on these thoughts that they totally put themselves into it. While she is not even looking in that direction.

Here is the trick to get over in this situation instantly.

  • She is playing with her hair? Which means she’s into you.
  • Is she dressed nice? That’s because she wants to impress you.
  • She’s standing in a good posture? It’s because she wants you to notice her body parts.

When you assume women are attracted towards you, you start acting like one. Which creates a sexier vibe, buildup a massive confidence of getting success. All this happen just by keeping faith in you.

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  1. Kick Start a Conversation

Preparation is the key to success. If you be prepared then you won’t messed up things which can be worst thing in a conversation. It is very beneficial while starting a conversation. As if you freeze and messed up things this can be a solution.

You don’t need a hand written list, but just keep some general ideas in your mind to start a decent conversation. Just like:

  • Hey! How is it going on?
  • Hey! What are you up to?

These question can be real time savior, in those crucial time of conversation. Later when you have mastered the basic level of conversation, then you can carry out the direct approach, which can sound like:

Hey! This is really random… but I saw you walking by and found you are cute… so just jumped here to say you Hi…

You can use some crazy pickup lines to start a conversation with a fun and smile which will definitely end up in a good way.

  1. Introduce yourself

You need to approach a girl to start a conversation, just go and say hello with a smile, tell your name and ask her. Keep it simple, genuine and polite.

“How are you doing today?” never fails. Make sure you listen to her answer, it should never be theoretical.

“How was your day today?”

“Did you do anything fun?”

This prompts her to give more than one word answer and gives you a chance to show off those amazing listening and replying skills.

  1. Mention an upcoming event

Mentioning an upcoming event such as upcoming festival or exam can provide you’re here excited or nervous reaction from the girl. This creates a rapport between you two and allows you to see how much you guys are common.

If you both are talking about exam then. You can discuss certain issues, which you are facing and can solve them together.

If you are talking about upcoming festival, as her what is gifting to her dear one, is she going to perform a dance? or sing a song? or she’ll be princess in a drama?

If it is related to holiday, ask her where is she going? With whom, for how many days? If possible ask her out to join you? Say, you can come along, we can have more fun as we are going to one of your favorite place.

  1. Mention a shared interest

In an interesting conversation discovering a shared interesting can be gold and makes conversation more interesting.

This will help you to establish a bond. It doesn’t matter what interest you are talking about let it be reading, writing, running, dancing, singing or any other particular hobby. 

If you both like reading, you could ask her who her favorite author, favorite book, favorite genre etc.

While discovering favorite hobby can discuss about local location and their schedule to practice it.

Be quirky, and involve her in the conversation like how she got into it and compare stories.

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Final Verdict:

I hope the above post would be really helpful in all the possible way of How to start a conversation with a girl? To you for starting a conversation, remember to be confident and keep one thing in mind, if it’s not you it’s someone else. So be brave and ask her out. For any other quires comment below and we’ll surely help you in all the possible way to make your girl comfortable with you.


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