Geek Dating Sites 2018 – Top 10 Best Geek Dating Sites for Nerds

Looking for Best Geek Dating Sites 2018. Here is a list of Nerds looking around for perfect mate. Dating is open for some people but some keep it secret and exclusive.

Hence Best Geek Dating Site 2018 will reconstruct love life of all the Nerds across the world. It is never like, dating is exclusively for good looking and extroverts. Nerds are no meeker anymore.

Geek Dating Sites – Top 10 List

Geek Dating Sites
Geek Dating Sites

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Here is a list of Top Geek Dating Site 2018 which includes free as well as paid versions various geek dating sites.

  1. Geek 2 Geek

Geek 2 Geek - Geek Dating Sites
Geek 2 Geek – Geek Dating Sites

Working on the single principle of bringing together all the geeks and nerds and all their admirers. Geek 2 Geek is an extremely user friendly site and is quite easy to use. Its peculiar matching system is designed to match all the geeks created by the geeks.

The site fulfills all the basic demands of geeks such as one night stand, long tern relationship, casual relationships, flings and many more. Website offers various facilities such as creating full photo profile, Shows list of all stranger’s full profile, Creation of favorite list, View private photos, Send friend request Etc.

Although it counter quite opposite and social awkward people, but for a perfect geek partner you can give a try.

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  1. Otaku Booty

Otaku Booty Geek Dating Sites
Otaku Booty Geek Dating Sites

Otaku Booty is a geek dating site which target geek crowd, nerds, anime lovers, gaming singles, manga addicts etc.  Otaku Booty have already made stellar effort by launching their dating site.

By making upgrade in certain ways, they have created site which is more attractive, user friendly and have added some cool features which makes the website more interesting.

Many nerds and gamers find it difficult to and extremely awkward to get a partner suitable enough and understanding on a better level of gaming and anime preference. Otaku Booty offers minimal charge of $4 per month and is suitable for all the operating system.

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Geek Dating Sites is a site which mostly offer people for a serious relationship and give a guarantee to find a mate at their platform. The website works on the matching algorithm of feedbacks and behavior which tends to provide you a better half skilled in all the possible ways.

The site offers various options of extensive search and discovering new opportunities, its dynamic nature constantly add certain things which makes its search option quite different and spectacular than other.

Site is free for a certain time period and then its month to month subscription turns out to be quite expensive. Getting a subscription for a longer period can be advantageous.

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  1. eHarmony

Geek Dating Sites
Geek Dating Sites

Working since last 15 years eHarmony has a huge and sturdy system backed up. Due to such availability of date website doesn’t offer any search option for matches.

This could be one of the saddest part of the site that is, there is no video integrated as a part of the site. Also limited no of matches makes it lengthy and tedious. Which is considered as a major drawback of the website.

The cost of the website is considered as a major hindrances, hence eHarmony is one of the most expensive site. But here is a good point of site that, it ask specific details and personality information which are further used as filter for search operation. All this is carried out by a lengthy questionnaire.

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  1. Zoosk

Geek Dating Sites

Known as one of the fastest growing website, Zoosk offers unique dating experience for its users. Zoosk have smartly played the game with their competitor and have linked their site with other social networking website and smart phones.

This offers a large communication potential and data via internet, and the user can access from almost any device with the help of any possible medium. This made Zoosk to have more than 35 million users to communicate all around the world.

Due to availability of tons of other options, your profile can be more appealing, astonishing and accurate which attracts more people towards you ending up giving you hell lot of options for a perfect match.

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  1. The Right Stuff

Geek Dating Sites The Right Stuff

Known to be one of the most esoteric app, The Right Stuff offers to connect only the member of 70 prestigious colleges, which includes students of Harvard and MIT. So, not everyone can be the user of this app.

It is not a traditional dating site, it offers a friendly approach and user friendly experience, and you also need to provide proof of documents to register which is only allowed to students, graduates and faculty members.

Beside all this app provide various interesting features which makes it more cool along with it, it’s quite expensive than it should be as considered for students.

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  1. Dating for Muggles

Geek Dating Sites Dating for Muggles

Dating for Muggles is an exclusive nerd dating website created for nerds only meant for entertainment purpose. Dating of Muggles include creation of really cool profile description and provide idiosyncrasies and full liberty to emerge the latent motto of the app.

For all the potter heads out there, this is your thing. This generation has grown up reading and imagining various things in which being a Hogwarts student is kept on the first priority.

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  1. Nerds of Passions

Nerds of Passion is a dating site and is considered as one of the one of the good place to embrace nerdiness.  There is a certain range of inhibition when it comes to dating, and is profound among nerd and geeks.

It emphasize situation of social anxiety and increase chances of landing up with a date to be extremely meek.

The app’s basic features involves sharing photos, personals, group chats, webcam videos, emails and other private inbox. If you are not so much into dating then Nerds of passion can solely be a special platform to for nerds and social network.

Major drawback here is there are limited number of users, which makes it a bit difficult to get a match with limited number of options.

  1. Soul Geek

Geek Dating Sites Soul Geek

Soul Geek is a geek dating sites, which has most visual effects which makes the website more organized, easy to use and navigates as compare to other websites.

One of the major plus point here is Soul Geek is not limited to straight people, it also include people of LGBT community. Site offers open relationship, flings, one night stand, long term relationship and casual relationship.

There is two step registration process which is followed by a quick questionnaire based on your profile. This is carried out to provide you suitable matches and application of various filter to provide you quality result.

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  1. IntellectConnect

Geek Dating Sites Intellect Connect

Specially created for geeks and nerds IntellectConnect totally focus on making exclusive matches for nerds and geeks. It provide exclusive meeting place for brainiacs, thinkers, intellectually curious people and for smart asses.

Member ship is completely free, if you are looking for a smart better half and you think you can impress one of them then you should definitely try this site. It contains really intellect people and connect them. Hence it is name after their work as IntellectConnect.

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Final Verdict

The above list is generated as per the best information and availability of Best Geek Dating Sites 2018. I made it easier for nerds and geek out there, now they can directly log in to sites with just a simple click making their need more feasible.


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