Best Lesbian Hookup Apps -Top 10 Apps for Lesbians

Struggling hard for Best Lesbian Hookup Apps. Online dating is not a trend anymore, it’s been the best available platform for everyone of there. Regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation. There are number of apps available in playstore for hookups, dates, long term relationship and one night stand for straights, gays, transgenders, lesbians, and bisexuals.

These days LGBT is not a taboo anymore, here is a list of top 10 Best Lesbian Hookup Apps for queer ladies who are looking for hookup, love and long term relationship.

Best Lesbian Hookup Apps

Best Lesbian Hookup Apps

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  1. Hinge

Best Lesbian Hookup Apps Hinge

Hinge works on the principle of connecting friends of friends which is carried out with the help of Facebook profile. If you are a queer women, looking for a queer women and you Facebook profile contains huge friends of queer women then this app can work well and good.

In case your Facebook profile is full of straight people then this app won’t be that helpful, as there is a high possibility of your queer friends have other queer friends who can be your friends or girlfriend as well.

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  1. Fem

Best Lesbian Hookup Apps Fem

Fem is dating app especially created for lesbians who are interested to meet lesbians. This app not only focus on lesbians, but it look around to queer women who are interested in all sexual orientation.

This app is quite different than other, as the user can create a video profile and upload it instead of just a profile picture. This is not mandatory, as if you are too shy for a video one can upload a simple picture as well, it allows group chat to make conversation better.

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  1. HER

Best Lesbian Hookup Apps HER

HER is the only dating app created by lesbian for lesbian. It is quite popular in the world of queer women. HER is not limited to just lesbians but it also contains huge crowd of cisgender and non-binary people.  People who are looking for lesbian mates, this app can be the best pick up.

It is quite different from other dating apps and creates their own social media platform for lesbians. People can check out photos, videos, events like wise in other social media platform. Interested queer lesbians can travel to different area to meet their mates in real life.
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  1. Tinder

Best Lesbian Hookup Apps Tinder

Well! Tinder is the most famous hooking app available on plyastore, and lot of people across the globe use it. This is also true that they are many people who are sexually oriented are available on Tinder, you just have to find the right person.

Although still there are few desperate guys who find the way out somehow to get you on bed. But this is not the case all the time. One should just be a little courageous go for it.  If you are looking for a women just swipe left the unnecessary and pick the right girl, who is just waiting for you.

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  1. Bumble

Best Lesbian Hookup Apps-Bumble
Best Lesbian Hookup Apps Bumble

Bumble is quite heterosexually focused, But this doesn’t it is use less for queer women. Remember the rule, dudes can only talk to girls who text them first and allows to let them talk. But this rule in not applicable in women to women match, then comes the second rule, which makes it different than other dating apps.

Although Bumble demands users to send message within 24 hours. Hence Bumble is a better platform to finding queer women and every other queer women looking for a partner should take profit of its existence.

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  1. OkCupid

Best Lesbian Hookup Apps OkCupid

OkCupid was solely made for straight people, but in recent years due to the addition of other genders and sexually oriented people OkCupid has become queer friendly in a much better way.

OkCupid contains more extensive active profiles than other apps like Tinder and Bumble. It is a better place to find queer lesbians and for people who wants to connect soul over pretty face.

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  1. PinkCupid

Best Lesbian Hookup Apps PinkCupid

Launched in 2006 PinkCupid has connected millions of women around the globe. Lesbians of many countries such are US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, China, Brazil and many more have created their profile.

A profile can be created to check out straight forward features of the website. But to take advantage of other features of lesbian dating platform, one have to get gold membership on PinkCupid.

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  1. BeNaughty

Best Lesbian Hookup Apps BeNaughty

BeNaughty calls one of the best Lesbian websites for single women. Its sets its own higher level security and discretion at the time of casual online dating.

Highly known for lesbians who are not committed and just want to get laid are find in large numbers over here. With over 40,000 join every week, it is known for evil sex oriented platform.

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  1. GirlsfriendsMeet

Lesbian Hookup Apps GirlsfriendsMeet


Known exclusively for women. GirlfriendsMeet has a vast network for lesbian dating around the world. The websites works on the mutual interest, helps lesbians to find their mate who have similar choices of TV Shows, Movies, Books, Food, Drinks, Music Etc.

Many lesbian claims they have found their soul mates on GirlfriendsMeet and gave shifted together happily after. The website use coin based payment system which allows active subscribers to use key features and connect to their mates easily.


  1. LesbianFriendsDate


LesbianFriendsDate is kind of a social for singles seeking for lesbians.  If you are a lesbian single looking for friends, romance, compassion and compatibility then you have ended up to the right place. Dating here is mobile friendly and free to join.

Founded on a self-sacrificing social mission, the website donate 10% of website’s revenue to a charitable trust. Getting local dates is quite easy on this websites. On special events like friend’s day they conduct certain events where lot of community members participates for fun motivation and love.

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Final Verdict

I really wish the above list should turn out to be one of best list till date. As there are very few people who are open to such environment, but many people are joining day by day and people are getting lesbian friendly nowadays. As lesbians does not have lot of option but still with the help of this list some issues would be clear and I hope you get a good date soon which will provide you love, compassion, compatibility and security.


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