Apps Like Tinder 2018 – 10 Tinder Alternatives Better Than Tinder

Apps Like Tinder – Get the latest Tinder Alternatives Better than Tinder. Tinder has revolutionized in the category of top dating apps, hookup apps and getting laid apps. Tinder records around 1.6 billion swipes per day, which turns out to be matched with over 20 billion profiles. But due to its paid version some features are hidden and it basically turns out good only for pretty face people here are few best alternatives which are far better than tinder.

Apps Like Tinder 2018

Apps Like Tinder

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  1. OkCupid

Apps Like Tinder OkCupid

OkCupid markets a huge crowd for dating platform with a plus point focus on other factors as well for the perfect match rather than on just looks. The time you visit its official website it reads “You are more than just your photo” which explains the working principle of website.

OkCupid just intend to give you a better and refined result which are based on your personal interest, likes, dislikes, hobbies and passion. This way a large number of results are eliminated which doesn’t fit ion your list and hence you get a fresh updated refined useful data.

If you really wanna date someone and do not judge people on the basis of face, try this. It will definitely work out in a good way.

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  1. Happn

Apps Like Tinder Happn

Happn is a unique dating app which works on base of location, it combines the power of social media and location and shows the people with whom you have crossed path with. As it’s taglines says “Find the people you have crossed path with”.

The app works like every time you cross path with an active happn user in real life, their profile shows up on your timeline. The apps also records how many time you have crossed path with same happn subscriber, which doesn’t generate a credit score but sounds interesting.

It is similar to tinder in few way, as you can swipe right and left as per your interested profile. But it only shows the people with whom you have crossed paths with, which makes the app quite unique, intriguing and interesting in a certain way hence it worth a try.

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  1. Plenty Of Fish

Apps Like Tinder Plenty Of Fish

“Plenty Of Fish” host largest dating community in the world which records the list of member reaching over 70 million subscribers. If you like tinder and want to use it for free than this app can be the perfect pick.

One can send unlimited messages to random profiles, can check unlimited profiles and can take advantage of many more exciting features which are totally free. All this leads to creation of a bundle of fake profiles, which makes other guys to find it difficult to get a match.

By delivering such amazing services this app is limited to few countries which are US, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Ireland.

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  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Apps Like Tinder Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel works with complete unique idea of dating. By the elimination of swiping process Coffee Meets Bagel make it better than tinder and less time consuming.

It gives a special power to women to receive suggestion only from those guys who have previously shown their interest in them.  Guys will receive 21 quality matches known as “Bagels”

Guys can keep of pass their matches, as per the interested profiles. Hence women receive high quality matches in which they are already interested in. This way a fresh and quality result is obtained and tinder can be eliminated successfully.

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  1. Hinge

Apps Like Tinder Hinge

Hinge is an online dating app which works on exactly opposite work process of Tinder. As Tinder shows you nearby strangers, Hinge offers you friends of friends. Once you install Hinge link it with your Facebook account and it will show friends of friends which goes up to 3rd degree.

If you have big list of friends on Facebook, Hinge will work far better for you as compare to people who have a shorter list of friends. For some people this service would be next to their comfort zone, and for people for like their friends of friends, this app will be the masterpiece for them.

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  1. Skout

Apps Like Tinder Skout

Skout is an online dating app which works on the similar process as Tinder, but the location is limited to a nearby place. One can connect to people living in same town, along with people living within same country, along with people living in same and different continents.

Basically you have to like and dislike people just like Tinder, and match is observed when both strangers likes each other. The major difference arise here in comparing Tinder and Skout is this app focus on value filled relationship rather than only facial likes and impressions.

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  1. Bumble
Apps Like Tinder Bumble

Bumble is quite similar app like Tinder with slightly different features. If you are a women who is fed-up of receiving unwanted obscene messages then Bumble can be one of the best pick up for you.

Bumble here give power to women, as guys can update their bio but can’t message any girl until and unless girl like here first, if they both like each other it’s a match and they can proceed for the conversation.

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  1. Truly Madly
Apps Like Tinder Truly Madly

Truly Madly is a dating app which works on a better level in India. If you are available in India use it as a large group of people are available here.  Although apps like Tinder and Happn are globally hit and works on a good scale in India as well. Truly Madly is never the less than them.

Its matching algorithms provides some irresistible matches. One can upload photos and videos in their bio and if someone took a screenshot a notification will be send, this way the misuse is avoided.

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  1. eHarmony

Apps Like Tinder eHarmony

As many apps works on the location and use other social media platform to provide other profiles for matches, eHarmony took a scientific approach for matching purpose, as eHarmony check out compatibility on the basis of 29 dimensions of compatibility for highly compatible singles.

eHarmony is for people who have got bugged by going on date with unwanted people, all these issues are eliminated as highly compatible matches are found which increases the success rate of date to a long extend.

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  1. Luxy

Apps Like Tinder Luxy

Luxy is a dating app specially created for millionaires, as this service is only available for certified millionaires. This is the only app in our list which is paid.  So, if you are not a millionaire don’t even think about it. The customer service support is available 24×7.

It only shows people whom you have liked, it also conations anti-scam feature. So no issues will be observed. If you are a millionaire looking for another this is the app for you.

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Final Verdict

Tinder is a globally successful app, but still at some place exception can be observed. This issues is eliminated by the above list. As these app works on slightly different features than Tinder and provide different services and matches, which makes them works more accurate and efficient.



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